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For centuries, Malachite has been regarded as a noble stone of great value, evident from that fact that over the course of the past few centuries it has frequently been chosen to adorn the most beautiful objects and buildings. Often called the "mirror of the soul", the exceptional beauty of this stone is matched only by its strong virtues charged with positivity.

Malachite is bestowed with deep and intense virtues, such as that of improving self-confidence, boosting success in business and avoiding undesirable partnerships. However, it is also a great source of support as regards expression and persuasion.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, as rare as it is magnificent, is the fruit of an equally surprising, mysterious and untameable nature. For centuries and across different cultures, this stone has always carried deep and beneficial virtues. Lapis Lazuli is considered to be the stone of wisdom and intuition, as well as favouring profound peace. It encourages self-expression and allows one to take control of one's life by boosting self confidence.


With deep roots in Asian culture, Jade has long been esteemed in the Middle Kingdom as a jewel in the Imperial crown. Prized for its positive aura and its protective powers, Jade is also a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom which radiates natural light. The high-quality Jade used for Alex Benlo watches is very rare.

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Because of its beauty and natural purity, Rose Quartz has long been regarded as the stone of the heart, of love and of peace.
Also known as Bohemian ruby, this heart stone evokes poetry, lightness and dreams.

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Tiger's eye

More than simply a magnificent stone, it also boasts many virtues. Tiger's Eye is used to build self confidence and help decision-making, but it also promotes creativity and offers protection to travellers.

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Moss Agate

Much more than nature in its purest incarnation, Moss Agate also boasts many attributes. This stone can develop our awareness of the energies and spirits of nature; it is also deemed to have soothing properties, and to be able to promote and foster communication.

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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz has its own distinct properties. The main attributes of this stone are creative development, protection from the negative influences of others, and fostering inner strength. It is also used to improve communication, both spiritually and in our day-to-day lives.

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A source of both intrinsic value and of heritage, these magnificent silver coins form part of the cultural legacy of Switzerland. After 1968, coins ceased to be struck from silver, as the value of the metal exceeded the value of the coin itself. However, many Swiss families have kept hold of old silver coins with the intention of passing them on to future generations.

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